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December 22, 2017 by ACE Residences

Online Booking

Step 1: Log-in or Register

You can start booking with Ace Residences by logging in or creating an account, where we can get in touch with you and send you necessary documents for your booking. For your convenience, you may securely create an account in 2 clicks using your Facebook or Google accounts. Please make sure to indicate your Full Name (as written in your passport) and email address in your profile as we will use this as reference for when you check-in. All information are protected and secure. For more information about our Privacy Policy, you may view our Terms and Conditions.

Step 2: Choose A Destination

Ace Residences is currently available in the following areas:

Step 3: Book A Room

Choose one of our bespoke rooms to be your next VIP vacation apartment. We have special rates for booking periods of 7 days or more, and even bigger discounts for booking up to 30 days or more. Booking duration is subject to regulatory guidelines. For any other enquiries please send us a message in our contact form here. For any other enquiries please send us a message in our contact form here.

Step 4: Pay Online

Book with peace of mind when you instantly book with Ace Residences. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and JCB credit cards via our secure payment gateway. Once payment has been made, we will send you an email confirming your purchase. All your transactions can also be found in your My Bookings tab from your Ace Residences Profile Page.

IMPORTANT: Upon check-in, we require our guests to settle in cash a Security Deposit of S$500 for our Singapore rooms and S$100 for our Manila rooms.

Check-in Information

Our serviced apartments are independently operated by an individual owner. These are private units for vacation and therefore do not need to be checked-in at the front desk.

We will try to be there for your check-in at the property. Our manager, April or her colleagues may be present to assist guests during check-in during office hours, but we may not be able to be present in person if at any other time. Should you be late upon check-in or have a delayed flight, please inform us so we are aware of your change in schedule. In any case, we will give you prior notice with instructions on how to check-in/check-out. This is usually how we interact with our guests:

  1. Email – before arrival
  2. Mobile text – before and on arrival
  3. Phone – for any urgent issues

For all matters regarding your check-in schedule, please contact our Manager, April at +6584822501.


During Your Stay

Essentials like soap, shampoo, toilet paper, and towels are provided upon your arrival. The essentials will not be replenished unless you opt for housekeeping which comes at an extra charge of SGD $15 per session. However, you can buy these essentials and other toiletries at the supermarket just 5 minutes’ walk away. Cleaning services, extra linen or towels can be provided upon request, but may incur additional fees. While we’re continuously trying to improve the way we host guests, it is important for you to know that we do not provide the following services:

  1. Room service
  2. Daily Housekeeping
  3. 24-hour Helpdesk (We will try to respond to all your problems and resolve them but we may not be available at all times).

We want you to feel at home in our apartments, but we would very much appreciate it if you could observe the following house rules:

  • DO turn off all lights, fans, air-conditioners, water, and other electrical items when not in use. Let’s do our part in saving the environment.
  • DO clean after yourself (i.e. wash plates and cups after use), and if you have moved the mattresses or furniture during your stay please remember to place it back in its original location and state. Should you need cleaning services, you may contact us to schedule it with you for an additional fee.
  • DO leave what belongs to the apartment (i.e. electrical appliances, pillows, towels etc.).
  • DO treat our unit like your home and take care of it.
  • DON’T smoke or do drugs in our units. There are smoke detectors that can be triggered in all of our units. You may smoke outside the apartments in designated smoking areas.
  • DON’T bring pets in our units, as adorable or quiet as they may be.
  • DON’T make permanent alterations or decorations to the unit. Please remove any decors you may have upon check-out.

For all matters before and during your stay, please contact our Manager, April at +6584822501. We will respond between 9am to 9pm on Monday to Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, we will respond only to emergencies and urgent matters.

Check-out Process

Please return all access cards and keys upon check-out. Your security deposit will be returned to you after inspection of the unit. Charges from damages or losses will be accounted for.