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Designing your home in Singapore

Published on April 23, 2019 by ACE Residences

In building a home, people rely on their taste and personality. However, functionality and comfort plays a huge role as well. There are a lot of design inspirations that one can choose from but it also varies depending on the size of one’s home. The difficulty of building a home is choosing the right color palette, furniture, and the like. Here are some examples of design inspirations:


Less is More. image from


1. The Minimalist

The minimalist design is timeless. Eliminating clutter and extraneous objects is also a hallmark of this design. This simplicity allows the focus to remain on the room’s purpose and function, and on the beauty of its carefully selected furnishings. Ace Residences East Coast (3BR near Dakota MRT) is a perfect example of the minimalist design. The furniture is simple and functional—basically something that isn’t too loud. It consists of built-ins such as hanging book shelves which is enough to create the minimalist vibe. In terms of color combination, it should be pleasing to the eye. Most minimalist homes have wooden floors, off-white walls, and use little furniture. Keeping the home neat and tidy adds more effect to it.



Storage Design for the Obsessive Compulsive. Image from

2. The OC

A person who is obsessive compulsive likes everything in order—basically arranging them in a certain area or way. The OC design is obviously organized and tidy. This can be achieved by utilizing open book shelves, putting dividers in drawers, and arranging things by color. Cabinets that have plenty of storage inside would also help in maximizing the space of your home. Ace Residences Sims Avenue has a three bedroom apartment that consists of enough storage space. It depicts the OC design because it uses monochromatic colors such as white and black which it makes it look neater. The unit is perfect for big groups and families who are looking for something spacious with enough storage.



This Charming Studio in Ace Balestier is perfect for the business traveler.


3. The Professional

People who are working in the corporate world live very busy lives. Because of this, it is rare to find them at home. They can be considered as boarders because all they do in their homes is to rest, sleep, eat, and take a bath. They are similar to single travelers who just need a comfortable and affordable place to stay in. Ace Residences Balestier (charming studio) is the perfect example of this design because it is filled with furniture that is cozy and functional. There are three things that are important in a professional’s home specifically a comfortable bed, sofa, an entertainment set, and easy to use cooking appliances. The design focuses on the individual’s need to relax and unwind therefore the space is not very cramped and it only has the necessary appliances and furniture.



A Rustic Romantic Living Room. Image from MyHomeLiving


4. Rustic Romance

The rustic design is a mix between wood and stone. Its feel is very warm and inviting because the color palette is natural specifically greens, browns, and grays. A rustic home is filled with handmade wooden furniture and stoned walls. It is perfect for those who love to host parties and dinners because of its inviting feel. In addition to this, since most of the furniture, floors, and walls are made from wood, it also gives this cabin vibe.



A Beautiful Studio Apartment using Industrial Design. Image from Pinterest


5. Modern Industrial

Industrial elements can be a mix of vintage and rustic. Imagine an empty warehouse that consists of brick walls, metal bars in the ceiling, and wood flooring then converted into a home. There is a charm in the raw finishes and uncompleted interiors of a modern industrial crib. It’s basically making old looking materials look fresh and new. You have to choose furniture that is made out of steel, stone, wood, plastic, and the like. Usually modern industrial cribs are lofts and have a huge floor space. The color scheme is white, gray, black, and wooden brown—perfect for millennials.


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