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Fun in East Coast Park

Published on November 7, 2018 by ACE Residences


The beach park is considered as the largest park in Singapore. The place is very tranquil because it is one of the hidden gems of Singapore. This is recommended to those who want to chill and unwind. There is no entrance fee however if you plan on doing some activities, they require a minimal fee. Here are some activities to do:


1. Rent a bike


The it place is huge therefore it is recommended to use a bicycle. To rent a bike, you just need to download a mobile application called SG bike.

Here are the steps:

  • Once the mobile application is downloaded, you have to set it up by putting your credit card details and Singapore number (if you don’t have one just borrow from a friend). It won’t work without a local number and you aren’t allowed to use a number twice.
  • You have to top up and the minimum is 10 SGD (cost is 1 SGD for 30 minutes).
  • Choose a bike. Usually they are parked in Marine Cove
  • Press “unlock” in the mobile app
  • Scan the QR code of the bike. It will automatically unlock.
  • As soon as it unlocks, you can use the bike already. It has a GPS so it tracks how long you’ve been biking


2. Safe playground for kids

The park is child friendly. It has a 3,500 sqm playground built for children.


3. Camp Out


The park has designated zones for camping. This is how people can apply for a permit:

  • Proceed to the nearest AXS machine
  • Key in the names of all occupants
  • Print out the camping permit
  • Proceed to set up ten within designated campsite


4. Sunset barbecue


The park has about 80 pits where people can cook their food while enjoying a beautiful view.  It’s simple to book a pit. Here’s how:

  • Click the website
  • Key in the date and park area
  • Choose a pit number (cost is 16 sgd to 20 sgd)
  • Enter personal details
  • Confirm Booking by paying online via credit card



5. Experience different cuisines in Marine Cove


Marine Cove houses various restaurants that serve different types of cuisines. Here are some of them:

  • Babalicious— this restaurant serves Peranakan cuisine. Their bestsellers are their bakwan kepiting soup which is made out of shredded bamboo shoots, meatballs, prawns, and crab meat and their Hainanese chicken which is steamed and paired with a savory sweet sauce.


  • Hill street coffee shop— this restaurant is known for their nasi lemak, a Malaysian dish made out of coconut milk, boiled egg, lamb curry, cucumber, sambal, anchovies, and peanuts.


  • Briyani House – this restaurant serves Indian cuisine and is Halal certified. Their bestseller is their roti prata which is basically flat bread dipped in fish or mutton curry.

6. Play Sports

The shoreline is long thus there is enough space to play sports like beach volleyball, football, and etc. In addition to this, people are also allowed to go fishing.



7. Eat the freshest seafoods

There are al fresco restaurants known to serve the freshest seafood. Here are some of them:

  • Jumbo – This is the most popular restaurant in East Coast Park. They are known for their chili crabs, cereal prawns, and scallops wrapped in yam rings




  • Long beach – This restaurant is known for their black pepper crab, salted egg crab, and seven fresh local lobsters in Portuguese cheese sauce.


  • Ubin First Stop – This restaurant serves authentic Chinese cuisine. They are known for their buttered prawns, chili crab, salted fish fried rice, and fried calamari.


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